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Saffron and Peri

Jul 7, 2019

Previously on Saffron and Peri...
During the opening ceremony for the new library, Tristan and his friends, Rose Red and Nyneve, undertake a daring plan to steal a book of possibly evil magic to destroy it for the good of all. However, after a narrow bagel escape from gargoyles, the three discover someone has beat them...

Jun 23, 2019

Previously on Saffron and Peri...
Tristan undertakes a rescue mission to retrieve the class skeleton from some prudish unicorns to strike the absences from his school records. Saffron and Peri have an argument over the validity of helping Vasilisa. Professor Holle is casually gender-exclusive and exasperated by her...

Jun 9, 2019

Welcome back to Saffron and Peri!
After chasing nefarious eggnapping space pirates through the high galaxies, Saffron has returned to her home dimension to discover that a Certain Situation has arisen which now sees Peri joining forces with their one-time Nemesis, Professor Princess Vasilisa.

And Tristan has settled...

May 27, 2018

Saffron and Peri enjoy some downtime and watch an episode of one of their favorite shows!


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May 5, 2018

Previously on Saffron and Peri...
Starbeard was given an ersatz egg, Saffron and Special Agent Katticus were captured, and a bargain was made! Will Saffron reclaim the stolen dragon eggs and return to her own dimension? Or are the high stars destined to be conquered by a nefarious Space-Pirate Captain? Tune in and find...